Thursday, June 6, 2013

FPSF 2013: Big City Music Festival with Love in the Air

By ANTONIO @ Pixel X

Houston just hosted its 5th Free Press Summer Festival this past weekend, Saturday 6/1 and Sunday 6/2.  I was only able to make it on Sunday, I wish I wouldn't have missed the performances of The Postal Service, Calvin Harris, La Catrin and Buxton on Saturday.  I was shocked to find out that The Postal Service was going to be at FPSF this year.  Then I quickly learned that they have been reunited since February 2013 for an extended world tour.  A new track called "A Tattered Line of String" was released along with their reunion, a second new track called "Turn Around" was also released in March 2013; life already seems better with The Postal Service around.

FPSF 2013 Schedule
Matt and Kim's performance was awesome as expected.  There was an awkward moment when Kim accidentally called the crowd "Dallas" (How dare you Kim?!).  She quickly recognized her mistake and recovered by telling a story of how she called Matt a different name one time when they were having sex...  Awkward.

Of Monsters and Men's performance was speechless; I finally got to see them live, and I find Nanna very very very attractive (Yes, I said "very" 3 times).

Besides all the amazing music, there were other cool things happening at FPSF.  IKEA Houston, who sponsered the Jupiter stage was there with Smilebooth; offering free photos taken for all IKEA Family members.  "Spread the Word to End the Word" was also there, a campaign to stop the use of "retarded" and "retard" on people living with Down syndrome or other developmental setbacks.  Mayor Annise Parker was present to pledge her support for the campaign, as well as signing a 6-foot tall banner to show of support.  She also acknowledged Houston's police and fire departments, addressed the fire on the previous Friday that killed 4 firefighters.

While music was heard everywhere, Cracker Jack'D was passing out their newest snack called "Intense Mix Spicy Pizzeria"; they are freaking good.  Each 3.5 oz bag contains 1015 mg of sodium and many other ingredients I can't even pronounce.  I ate a total of 5 bags since Sunday and I still have more, I finally decided to stop eating them before getting a kidney disorder.  More freebies from other sponsors such as Redbull, and free $25-$50 gift cards from Phoenicia which I didn't find out until the end of the day.

The only thing I would do differently next year is to lose some weight, so I can walk around naked shirtless.

The Men performing on Jupiter stage

IKEA tent with Smilebooth
Of Monsters and Men performing on Mars stage

TV on the Radio performing on Mars stage

The Octopus Project performing on Jupiter stage

Bright lights shooting into the sky after Bassnectar's performance at Mars stage

Amazing fireworks were displayed to wrap up FPSF 2013

Location Eleanor Tinsley Park in Houston, TX

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